The Socialist Gun Review Vol 1. Iss. 4

The Fighting the Police State Edition special issue of the Socialist Gun Review is available to download on PDF here:

Socialist Gun Review vol 1 issue 4

Police State socialist gun review cover


Gun News & Current Events              –   PAGES 4 –6

The Revolution will be Organized      –      PAGE 7

Message from the BLRP – PAGE 11

Know your Rights – PAGE 16

The Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party – PAGE 18

Black Open Carry Protesters – PAGE 20

The Legendary TT-33 – PAGE 23

Revolutionary Organizations on the other side of the razor wire – PAGE 25

Its Raining Pigs Rats and Moles! – PAGE 27

Toward a Socialist Militia – PAGE 37

Excerpts from A Primer to Police Crowd Control Tactics and Firearms – PAGE 40

How to Properly Open Carry –  PAGE 49

Guns, Sisters, Guns – PAGE 51


4 thoughts on “The Socialist Gun Review Vol 1. Iss. 4

  1. If you think that the rank and file of the NRA are racists, misogynists, or any of the other derogatory “ists” you’ve described in your introductory screed you are completely deluded. As a fellow gun owner I welcome to our ranks as such, I will respect your right to an opinion, but I wish you would found that opinion on truths instead of hearsay and propaganda. Certainly, any umbrella group has its undesirables and unfortunately a couple of ours in the NRA have risen to the position of “spokesmen”, although the majority of us would love to see them gone as much as you would. I’d imagine you have your own outliers as well, but you don’t have such a booming voice and we don’t hear yours quite so loudly. I just hate to see you march resolutely forward under such delusions when you could have compatriots in your goal of gun ownership and freedom from having that right infringed or repressed.

    • It’s good to know that there are compatriots in the NRA rank and file that feel as you do. It’s true – assholes like Ted Nugent really color the public perception of the NRA – as does their endorsement of reactionary political candidates and organizations. We certainly would love to see the dawn of a new era for the organization if they would break ties with these “spokesmen” by coming out and openly condemning those racist comments and cleaning house.

  2. I am somewhat concerned about the rest of this sight, it appears many can’t tell the difference between freedom and communism, rebranded as socialism. While I’ll continue to support your Constitutional Rights, I don’t think I’m a good fit for this community.

    • I’m not going to make a presumption and say that the editors of The Socialist Gun Review are Marxists (they may be), but I am, so I’ll answer from that perspective.

      Under Marx’s methodology, communism and socialism are one in the same. There’s no delineation between the two. When a Marxist uses one word, then the other is interchangeable, as well. With that said, communism — being an era of society that is without class and existing without the state — is, to us, considered a requisite for human freedom. I am not sure what your political stance is, so I don’t know what you take “freedom” to mean; but that’s just to say that the point is any notion of freedom is nebulous and means different things to different groups. We value economic freedom in the sense that people should not starve or go without life’s wants and needs simply because they can’t find a job that will exploit them (pay them less than the value of their labor, in other words.) We also think that freedom is free association of workers and doing away with the alienation of our labor. We think that a requisite for freedom is social — that is, democratic — control over the means of production and the abolition of the concept of profit.

      As for rights: socialists never had any use for “rights.” The rights we want, we fight for them. They can’t be bestowed upon us by a several hundred year old legal document that was written by rich, slave-owning lawyers and plantation owners.

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