The May – July issue of the Socialist Gun Review is available to download on PDF here:

Socialist Gun Review Vol 1 Iss 3

Gun News & Current Events – PAGES 4 & 5
Bobby Onco: Rest In Power – PAGE 13
Mending the sacred hoop: A letter from Leonard Peltier – PAGE 15
The Revolutionary AK-47 – PAGE 16
Self-Defense Tip: Practice Shooting from All Positions – PAGE 19
American Indians and the 2nd Amendment — PAGE 20
What are Warrior Societies? – PAGE 26
American Indian Culture: Traditionalism And Spiritualism In A Revolutionary Struggle – PAGE 32
BETWEEN LIGHT AND SHADOW: Subcomandante Marcos’ Last Words – PAGE 42



  1. From my posting at LGC:
    Better issue overall than the last one. I enjoyed it though again I think that you need to have more actual gun coverage. An article on how to make a Cowboy Assault Rifle from an nonthreatening Winchester 94 (or similar) would be good. More on tactics and small arms skills – the shooting positions was a nice start but should have had greater depth – would be good as well. I know – you can only print what you have. You might want to find a copy of “The Red Army’s Do-It-Yourself , Nazi-Bashing Guerrilla Warfare Manual” and re-write chapters of it – or even reprint them depending upon copyright status.

    But I have to ask, are you and the rest of your zine’s crew college students? It’s just that all three of the issues so far have come across so very stereo-typically college student Marxist in it’s language and presentation. That’s not inherently a bad thing but it can prevent some who might be educated about the revolutionary ideals you are trying to present from even trying to read what is, for all practical purposes, a foreign language to them. Speaking only to the choir is a waste – you must educate others to try and create a better world.

    • Thanks for the feedback! We are trying to work in more specific articles on gun use and safety. We also want a lot more original content, but desperately need people to submit articles.
      The fine line we are trying to walk is to be practical, but also provide a strong theoretical case for guns and gun education in a revolutionary context. In this case, some preaching does need to be done to the choir, because much of the “revolutionary” left has entirely abandoned the idea of being revolutionary. However, as time goes on we do want to appeal to a wider audience of advanced workers and the working class in general, absolutely. The question comes in, which do you start with first? In this case, we are attempting to start some conversations in the revolutionary socialist community to stop being afraid of the sound of their own voices and start becoming militant.
      This isn’t to brush off your feedback, but give a little view into our thought processes. However, we definitely want to improve and make it accessible for every reader. If you are interested in contributing, we would love to consider it for publication! Thanks again.

  2. Just wanted to drop a line in support of your work. I agree- much of the ” new” left has turned into a group of college social clubs. They are about as revolutionary as Mitt Romney.

  3. You guys have some good intentions with this, but seriously, you’re A) buying the pro-Russian rebel’s BS statistics and B) calling them socialist? They’re a different shade of the same color, and tools in Putin’s game. If you want to find a den of homophobic patriarchal, xenophobic fear-mongering, you can listen to EITHER side in the Ukraine conflict. Obviously you can’t trust the big networks, but remember that the big network model is a truly international one. Russia’s got their own, and they’re hard at working making the Ukrainian rebels out to be good little Russian Revolution styled communists when the reality is a mess of frightened poor people being manipulated by one side into fighting equally frightened poor people. It’s a fight between Eastern and Western oligarchs. There’s Russian intelligence involved in every one of those “people’s councils” just like there are privately funded Pro-Ukrainian militias wandering around the countryside.

    That’s a sad complicated situation that can’t be broken down as simply as you have done so, and I think you need to do some more objective research if you’re going to report on armed resistance in the future or you’re going to be surprising yourself when you find a Swastika on the arm of a “revolutionary” that you endorsed.

    If you’re interested in contemporary indigenous resistance, I suggest you look into the self-defense groups among the indigenous communities in Mexico. They’ve been rising up to kick out both drug cartels AND the federal government, and installing direct people’s councils to make decisions.

    Stoked on what you’re doing, but don’t let propaganda blind you, from either side. In the age we live in, it’s muddier and more confusing than ever.

    P.S. it might be interesting to talk about the systematic denial and criminalization of African American gun ownership in the U.S.

    • We featured an article about the Mexican self-defense groups in the first issue, actually. We have also featured several articles about gun ownership and black liberation, and will continue to do so.
      Your assessment of the Ukraine situation however is clouded by western propaganda. There have been unsubstantiated rumors spread as a means of slandering the people who are protecting their homes and communities from the genocidal assault by the Kiev junta’s troops, who have been indiscriminately killing civilians and using white phosphorous chemical weapons against the people. Socialists in Ukraine, including Bortotba ( ), and the Ukrainian Communist party, as well as the Russian Communist party, support the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Novorussian peoples fighting for their lives and their independence. I choose to believe them, because they are there, and you and I are not.

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