Zine Updates

As we prepare the next issue, we wanted to get your feedback. What do you like best about the Zine? What changes would you suggest? Is the size and length too long, too short, or about right in your opinion? Would you like more content about gun use and safety? More art? Is the layout still legible yet eye appealing? Post your thoughts please and let us know! Your feedback helps us make a better zine!

We’ve also added some more content to the posts featuring each issue to make each post more user-friendly with a picture of the issue cover (which is linked to download the PDF) and the table of contents for that issue.


2 thoughts on “Zine Updates

  1. Better editing. I noticed a lot of misspellings and even a repeated paragraph. Other than that, It was cool. I’d like to see some coverage of anarchist armed movements, like the Durrati Column.

    You don’t fight a war with words, but with fortifications. The pickaxe and the shovel are as important at the rifle. I can’t say it often enough.
    Interview (3 October 1936), as quoted in Durruti in the Spanish Revolution (1996) by Abel Paz

  2. I’d love to see more more information angled for a worldwide and european audience, because of restrictive gun laws it’s more difficult to access firearms so thats one point, you could include more features on tatics, overall strategy, waging guerilla campaigns, home made firearms and armour. It’s a gun reveiw so in general just more guns and effective organizational strategys for revolution and warfare.

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